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Friendly Conservatism by DanileeNatsumi Friendly Conservatism by DanileeNatsumi
     Don't be frightened by the stereotypes! Quite a handful of us are friendly and sincerely respectful of different lifestyles and opinions. We choose to live our own lives based on what we deem as conservative principles, are not "pretentious bigots," and won't force our ethics—whatever our ethics may be—on anyone!  

A note on conservatism
     The word “conservatism” is broadly used in this stamp.  “Conservatism” is a term that ranges anywhere from centre- to far-right on all or any isolated political issue.  Conservatism is an evolving belief that responds to the contemporary political issues of a specified location.  Therefore, conservatism is culturally bound, and defined differently at the national level: what one country defines as "conservative" may differ from “conservatism" definitions in another country.  Religious beliefs and secular opinions equally factor into the construction of conservatism.  This stamp is by no means a “one-size-fits-all” stamp, and DeviantARTists may interpret this stamp to fit whichever definition they like, favouring the more peaceful branches of conservatism.

Over-simplified personal statement
     Political spectrum inventories classify me as "far-left;" yet, I personally identify as "solidly-right".  The seemingly contradictory disposition results from supporting the "coexist" mantra.  I personally adhere to Catholic social teaching, and have no qualms with others who lead peaceful lifestyles.  Not everyone who favourites this stamp follows my example, and I accept our differences.  : )
P.S.: I didn't vote for Trump .  My preferred 2016 presidency candidate was Jill Stein.

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October 10, 2007
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