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Rainbows for all by DanileeNatsumi Rainbows for all by DanileeNatsumi
The purpose of this stamp is to promote the acceptance of various rainbow symbolism, and to reduce the stigma that “rainbows are for LGBTQQ.”  This stamp is unconcerned with the political legislation of pro- or anti- LGBTQQ rights.

This requires substantial revision.  Thank you for your time and patience.

Rainbow symbolism: Types and connotations

By K.D.Natsumi (DanileeNatsumi)
Last update: 17th of December, 2007.  Monday

Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U Rainbow Symbolism Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U 
     A rainbow is a refraction of light.  As light passes through the body of the lens (e.g. raindrops), the angle is altered, and produces the spectrum of visible light which we see as a rainbow.1  Rainbows are a natural phenomenon; yet, man is an imaginative creature with a tendency to give natural phenomena symbolic meaning. 

     Philosophy and religion gave birth to a plethora of rainbow symbolism.2  Abrahamic religions regard the rainbow is God's promise to never flood the world again.  In Norse paganism, the rainbow is a bridge to Valhalla.  Irish legends proposes that rainbows are a sign of future good fortune.  In tarot card reading, the rainbow card symbolises unity and harmony.  Alchemy theory argues that rainbows connect the ordinary to enlightenment.  In sum, rainbows lack a universal meaning.

     The 1970’s gave rainbows another meaning.  In 1978, Gilbert Baker was commissioned to create a symbol for LGBTQQ awareness and solidarity.  Baker constructed an 8-coloured rainbow flag, and each colour correlated to a mantra.3  Due to rise in mass-marketing and anti-intellectualism, the rainbow has unintentionally become a symbol that almost reservedly represents non-heterosexuality, and is used to sexually stereotype people.  Moreover, non-sexualised rainbow symbolism has been disremembered in the rise of blind pride of- and blind hatred towards LGBTQQ persons.  Consequently, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike express reluctance to adorn themselves with rainbows.

     Human culture is evolving, and the symbolic meaning of rainbows will evolve with it.  We may be transient and receptive beings of culture, but we also shift and contribute to culture.  May the rainbow continue to be a hopeful image for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U Personal Statement Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U 
     I am comfortable with my sexuality, and I enjoy wearing rainbows.  On occasion, people will ask if I am LGBTQQ because I wear rainbow attire.  When I reply that I am heterosexual, a good number of them seem rather confused, and then ask if I am making a political statement in support of LGBTQQ.  I reply, "No," and my conversation partner is again perplexed.  In other situations, I am berated for wearing "LGBTQQ colours" by proponents and opponents of LGBTQQ culture.  I lack contempt for these transactions.  I am only fascinated with how culture has evolved to suggest that the rainbow is the exclusive right of non-heterosexuality. 

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17.DEC.2007.M:  Original stamp and statement posted.

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December 16, 2007
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